Maintaining Wonder Update…

This day was coming, and I needed to make a decision.

Spend the money to re-subscribe to something I had not been spending a lot of time on, or order a hard copy of the last few years, perhaps acknowledging the end of a season?

Last week, I hesitantly decided.

It was time.

So, I ordered the “maintainingwonder” book, with each and every post, in order. It will have a table of contents and everything, and I cannot wait until it arrives.

But, now, two days before the deadline of not ever being able to write a post or access all of these memories, I am feeling like a seriously co-dependent girlfriend.





So, I did what I had to. I signed on for another year.

Plus, there was this..

I went dress shopping today with my thirteen year old.


She told me she had been reading maintainingwonder all this time (I had no idea)..

And, she made it clear she really, really did not want it to end, so it made things a little easier as I decided to re-subscribe.

However, the honest to goodness truth is, regardless of all I have going on, or what anyone else happens to say, this blog has been a place that has consistently offered incredible opportunity to reflect and be reminded of how God may be weaving this whole thing, according to His plan.  Still a bit unsure as to where it all is going, I am choosing to journey on, both outside of, and through this space.

Thankful to have “a place” to process some of it, I find myself in constant, excuse my idealism, but constant, stinking, beautiful….wonder.

Yes, “wonder”, with a side of some serious awe and trembling at the whole thing and it boils down to this:

This crazy, loud, quiet, busy, enriching, mundane, wonderful, inspiring, purposeful, loved to the brink and I could not be more filled up, but what in the world am I doing life.

This I believe you are telling me where to go and what to do, and I pray I am getting things right, but at the same time,  I really hope do this is your voice and not mine I I happen to be hearing.

This incredibly paradox filled yet so amazing at the same time existence of mine needs a place to go back and clarify what may be happening at times for the purpose of seeing the big picture.  

So, Yes, that, the above.

And so, maintainingwonder continues.




















Happy New Year!

Excited and upbeat about this upcoming year.

Like most out there, I find myself reflecting upon the things of 2014, while simultaneously considering where I feel led to prioritize my time and energy as we embark on 2015.

My children; deep into good routines and sweet relationships, are for the most part satisfied. And for the first time in awhile, my husband took off one day short of two entire weeks worth of work. We spent some much needed time, just “being”, both as a couple, and as a family. Sad to see him return to work this morning, I am once again reminded of the importance of prioritizing  time for the upkeep of relationships towards those we hold dear. We don’t do it enough, (at least I sure don’t), and I pleasantly found the benefit of slowing down more than worth it.   Adding my own friendships, both new and already formed, into the mix, and I find myself experiencing much thankfulness this 2nd day of the New Year. The older I get, the more I realize savoring these kinds of blessings are almost a necessity as, high and low times, will, and do unfold.

I am thrilled to say, that after my Georgia Counseling License arrives in the mail, I am re-entering the world of Counseling in Private Practice.  Pending the official “approval” of  my reciprocity from South Carolina to Georgia, (and all the red tape involved to become licensed in a different state), I am aiming to see clients before the end of the month. Details to follow once it becomes official.

Last year I set a goal of reading 40 books through Goodreads. A few books short, I still love that I came close and will be setting a new goal this week on the App. For those of you who enjoy reading, I can’t say enough great things about it!  “Follow me” if you’d like, I love getting ideas from like minded readers and will likely follow you right back!

What else will I I do this year? Today, I am set on practicing clean eating, living and being. The holidays were full of great times, but for now, health and wellness is calling my name. I have also committed to self forgiveness, if I don’t accomplish those things perfectly.

Staying on track Spiritually with my commitment to the CS Lewis Institute, including daily Bible reading and prayer, along with becoming linked up with a small group is on the agenda too.

I am very much looking forward to 2015 and wishing all who happen upon this post a year filled with encouragement in the places you need some, clarity where you crave direction, love through and by those you surround yourself, and excitement for all that lies in store.

Happy New Year!



Since I have had two computers go down on me in three years, this post is really to make sure I “keep” what I worked on this month through the CS Lewis Institute. For the few of you that may be interested, the link below is my “response” to a month of reading many articles and some amazing books about that beautiful thing we call..LOVE.

CSLI October Response Paper

It is that time of year again…

2014-Sept 041

My favorite season by far, fall has arrived once again.

With a slight chill in the air, I was ready to get out and take advantage of the change of weather.

Somewhat early, but per a conversation with two ladies before getting on the “hayride”, we learned how much we beat the crowds by going to Burt’s pumpkin patch this weekend, versus waiting, and heading out a few weeks from now.


Evidently, it is an incredibly busy place in October.

I get why, as it had something for everyone, including the biggest pumpkins I had ever laid my eyes on (and in this case, Michael’s “hands on”).


Compared to the other local places we have ventured to, each have their own personality, but, I would say, by far, the biggest selection of variety was here.

After the hayride, we continued on to “find” the official family pumpkin.

2014-Sept 014

And for the first time ever, my husband and I were more into the “perfect pick” then the kids.

2014-Sept 059

I guess it had to happen some time.

And, although, my oldest may not admit it, I think she had fun too, teenager and all; especially when we discovered a huge, out of this world sunflower field on the way home.

2014-Sept 071

For five dollars a car, we were able to get out, explore, and take in this amazing site.

2014-Sept 099

We all were pretty impressed.

To see more from both, here are the links:

Going Private…


Well, from what I remember in Counseling 101, way long ago, it is not a good idea to mix private life and current clients. And although I am still some time away, I am making slow steps to get back out there, and because of that, I have a request for each of you.

If you happen to be following along by “checking in” on maintainingwonder, please take some time to “actually follow”, because in a few weeks, I am going to be making this page private, and possibly discontinue my link to Facebook (I not sure about that part yet, I may just make that private).

In time, I will be adding a public friendly site as well, however, it will be geared only to counseling specific topics and will be far less personal.

I cherish each and everyone of your thoughts (both the public and private messages you send in response to my posts), and I don’t want to lose any of them! So, should you feel inclined, please “follow along”, so we can continue to be in touch.

Your prayers are appreciated as I spend the next few weeks/months trying to “get back out there!”.

Many thanks,